WeiHang is a professional wholesale caster manufacturer of industrial medium duty caster, heavy duty caster etc.

Furniture Casters

Furniture Casters cover a wide range of styles and series. From an inexpensive nylon body twin wheel caster to chrome metal ball casters. Furniture casters are also available with a wide range of mounting options, including: threaded stem, grip ring stem, grip neck (wood) stem, and top plates.

Best TPR FURNITURE caster Supplier
Weihang Caster Best TPR FURNITURE caster Supplier,ndustrial, commercial, medical equipment, machinery, logistics and transportation, environmentally friendly cleaning products, furniture, electrical appliances, beauty equipment, machinery and equipment, craft products, pet supplies, hardware products and other industries
Best stainless steel nylon caster Company - Weihang Caster
Weihang Caster Best stainless steel nylon caster Company - Weihang Caster,The structure of the caster is made up of a single wheel mounted on the bracket, which is used to install under the equipment so that it can move freely.

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