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heavy duty casters

You’re in the right place for heavy duty casters.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Weihang Caster.we guarantee that it’s here on Weihang Caster.
The design of Weihang Caster meets the standards. It is conducted by our designers who assess the viability of the concepts, aesthetics, spatial layout, egonomics, and safety. .
We aim to provide the highest quality heavy duty casters.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Wholesale 5.7 Inch Baby Stroller/Skateboard Wheels
Material  Pu tyre and pp hub coreHardness::80A--90ALoad capacity 250(kg)Size: 145mmX30mmHole: 22mm, It can be used to install 608 bearing or through hole
Professional Wheel And Caster manufacturers
China Product Case manufacturers-.It brings easy recognition of specific goods. By being able to differentiate the goods, one can always keep types of this product in separate places for easy accessibility.Weihang Caster Professional Wheel And Caster manufacturers,High turning flexibility and heavy load
Best quality wooden wheel factory
Casters is manufactured based on light materials. It can effectively reduce the burden on the feet and provide a more comfortable wearing experience.Casters are a collective term, including movable casters, fixed casters and movable brake casters. Movable casters are also what we call universal wheels, whose structure allows 360-degree rotation; fixed casters are also called directional casters, which have no rotating structure and cannot be rotated.Guangzhou Weihang Caster Co., Ltd. BestQuality Casters Factory,ndustrial, commercial, medical equipment, machinery, logistics and transportation, environmentally friendly cleaning products, furniture, electrical appliances, beauty equipment, machinery and equipment, craft products, pet supplies, hardware products and other industries
Professional Fuma Wheel Manufacturers- Weihang Caster
Fuma Wheel.It features a long mechanical life. It has been tested by exposure to EMC, high and low temperatures, moisture, dust, mechanical shock, vibration, sunlight, salt mist, and other corrosive environments.Guangzhou Weihang Caster Co., Ltd. Professional Fuma Wheel manufacturers,The structure of the caster is made up of a single wheel mounted on the bracket, which is used to install under the equipment so that it can move freely.
Caster Wheel Manufacturing Service
WeiHang is a professional manufacturer of industrial Medium duty caster, Heavy Duty Caster, Furniture Casters.304 stainless steel casters, Anti-static castor, Conductive castor, Super heavy casters, Spring shock-absorbing caster and High temperature resistant casters.1. Understand customer needs2. Team design plan3. After the customer approves the pre-production samples, the production department will start placing orders.4. mid-production inspection.5. Then carry out quality control before packaging.6. Pack and arrange logistics.
Customized casters manufacturers from China
Casters.The product has received wide reception in the market for its good economic benefits.There are casters made of various materials, such as pp casters, PVC casters, PU casters, cast iron casters, nylon casters, TPR casters, iron core nylon casters, iron core PU castersGuangzhou Weihang Caster Co., Ltd. Customized Casters manufacturers FromChina,304 stainless steel casters, Anti-static castor, Conductive castor, Super heavy casters, Spring shock-absorbing caster and High temperature resistant casters
Custom 3.5 Inch Flashing Skate Wheels
Size:85*24mmMaterial : Pu tyre and pp hub coreHardness:80A--90ALoad capacity: 50(kg)Feature: Flashing
Custom Wholesale 3 Inch Pu Skate/Furniture Wheels
Size:75*24MM Material : Pu tyre and pp hub coreHardness:80A--90ALoad capacity: 50(kg)Hole: 22mm, It can be used to install 608 bearing or through hole
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